Brentwood Garden rooms

We create buildings that work

We create buildings that work for reading, admiring the garden, having a shady spot to sit in the summer,
or just having a place in the garden to relax when the weather is a bit chilly.

The most common uses of garden rooms include:
office, bar, gym, lounge, music room, games room, and art studio.

The room is often an escape from the bustle of the main house, TVs, and other electronic devices.
Others told us they had converted theirs into a reading room and library.
Your garden room needs to be fully insulated and weatherproof if you are planning to do this.
Experienced installers know how to give you a quality finish
that will last the test of time from the British weather.

We always Invest in double glazing and quality thermal insulation to complete your outbuilding
Other relaxing activities include: Bird watching, sunbathing, spending time with your pet outside
and soaking up the sun during the winter months.

Garden gym room

Your garden room can be converted into a gym in the same way as a games room

It should be able to handle the weight of any heavy equipment, plus whether the floor is suitable for jumping
if you intend to do aerobics there.
Several of our clients have told us they’ve made a tranquil space for yoga in their garden room,
There are a few people who teach yoga away from the distractions of the main house.


Guest bedroom in the garden

Having a guest room in your garden can provide extra privacy for your guests,
or give you the option of hosting if you do not have a spare room in your main house.
In contrast to most garden rooms, which are allowed under permitted development rights,
self-contained living is subject to planning permission.
Consult your local planning office if you’re unsure whether your intended use requires approval.


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