Fully insulated

Due to recent events, more of us are working from home than ever before.
Working from the spare room or breakfast bar won’t be the way forwards forever,
More people are looking to have a dedicated work environment close by.

You may consider a garden office, a dedicated room built in your garden.
Various options await; build a new structure or renovate your old garden storage room.
Meadow Garden Rooms may have the perfect option for you.
A new outbuilding whilst surrounded by the beauty & locality of your garden.


A modern garden office will be professionally insulated with the correct materials.
The benefits of insulating your new garden room will help keep temperatures comfortable all year round.
Correctly insulating your outbuilding will also help to keep anything stored inside
protected from damp, condensation, or mould thanks to the way in which retains the heat.
Insulation will keep your room warmer and cosier in winter
Reflecting heat away in summer.


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