Installing a ground screw foundation for Meadow garden rooms

Garden room screw foundations

Garden room screw foundations

An amazing technique, thats does not require noisy, heavy machinery.
The installation of Ground room screw foundations is a great process for any garden room.

With no skip hire or extensive ground clearance,
days of extra labour costs are saved.

Ground screws can be installed from start to finish in 90 mins.
They’re ready to use and your garden room construction can begin.

Screws installed – No mess – Labour costs reduced and work can begin.

Garden room screw

How does a ground screw work?

A ground screw is a giant sized screw, just under a metre tall,
wound into the ground using a hand held torque drill.
Once a series of screws are installed, they create a strong framework,
from which to build on.
No concrete or digging required.

Surrounding areas stay clean

Time and money savings
No concreting or digging
All year round installation
Can be moved if needed
Uneven, sloping ground does not affect installation

Garden ground screw

A ground screw will provide the customer

Strong, durable foundations
Overcoming hard-to-access areas and sloping, uneven ground

Quick installation
Install any time of the year, in any weather, without delay.

 Environmentally friendly
In comparison to concrete foundations, it’s a low-carbon alternative.

Minimal damage
No digging, no mud, no concrete, no heavy machinery – no mess
Saving your decking, patio, lawn, tarmac, paving, and other garden features.

Installed and ready to go
Once fitted, your development can get started right away.


We take pride in showing you our latest job

This impressive garden room installation was built on ground screws as shown

24 screws were used for this size of garden out building, taking 2hrs to install.

Strategically placed and professionally installed,
the use of ground screws can make your new garden office space take shape.

Contact Meadow garden rooms today

Let us help you to get you the space you need – Today.

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