Installing a ground screw foundation for Meadow garden rooms

Garden room screw foundations An amazing technique, thats does not require noisy, heavy machinery. The installation of Ground room screw foundations is a great process for any garden room. With no skip hire or extensive ground clearance, days of extra labour costs are saved. Ground screws can be installed fromContinue Reading

Due to recent events, more of us are working from home than ever before. Working from the spare room or breakfast bar won’t be the way forwards forever,More people are looking to have a dedicated work environment close by. You may consider a garden office, a dedicated room built inContinue Reading

Brentwood Garden rooms

We create buildings that work for reading, admiring the garden, having a shady spot to sit in the summer, or just having a place in the garden to relax when the weather is a bit chilly. The most common uses of garden rooms include: office, bar, gym, lounge, music room,Continue Reading